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219 South 4th Street
Highlands, NC, 28741
United States

About Stick Candles

twig candles

Stick Candles are 100 % Beeswax. Hand Cast from Sticks, Twigs and Branches.

We pour our candles one at a time.

Old Forge, NY  ~  Highlands, NC

BMC at Flatrock (circa 1973)

BMC at Flatrock (circa 1973)



Originally created as a gift for Mom.

Stick Candles are sold in over 100 stores

throughout the United States.


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At First : There was a lot of trial and error !

candle shop.JPG
west coast shop
burn test


Moving into the wood shop was a milestone !

One of the Best~Ever Summers.

Summer 2010




2011  ~  2015  

Our Heart's Home and First Open Studio

Old Forge, NY

This circa 1950's building sat abandoned for nearly a decade before we reclaimed it in the Summer of 2011.


Stick Candles in Old Forge, NY
Stick Candles in Cashiers


2015 ~ 2017

Cashiers, NC

Formerly Our Winter Home

We joined White Rabbit here in the Fall of 2015






January 2018 to the Present

With Citizen Wilder


219 South 4th Street 

Highlands, NC 28741

02 219 EXT 02.jpg

"The Candles that we are now able to cast, from shapes that we gather, strike me as beautiful and fascinating."

In short, when someone tells me about their experience with a candle that I made : They gave them as a gift... They lit them for a special occasion... They’re saving them for a special occasion...

 It doesn’t point to me. 

It points to the shape of that cutting. 

Beauty in Nature.

Wow : What Could Be Better Than That ?


Come visit us in Highlands, NC !