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The First Blog

Douglas Collum

Thanks for checking out our blog page. 

New in 2015.

Candle Questions and Answers... Exciting News and Crazy Tid-Bits... Pictures of Animals around the Shop...
Maybe even Video from a Hunt for a New Candle Cutting !

In this our FIRST EVER BLOG POST ! ...

... We Divulge the Secrets Gleaned from an Entire Season of Giant Bubbles.

SCROLL DOWN AT YOUR OWN RISK ! (you may while away your whole Summer)

Blowing Bubbles in the Stick Candles Parking Lot !

Blowing Bubbles in the Stick Candles Parking Lot !

A Summer of 2014 Crowd~Pleaser !

A Summer of 2014 Crowd~Pleaser !

Final Moment Caught on Camera !

Final Moment Caught on Camera !

Creating Your Giant Bubble Wand 

Materials :

Plastic Bucket (at least one gallon bucket or bigger works best)

2 Wooden Dowels anywhere From 18 " on up (we used 3 foot Dowels)

2 Screw-In Eyelets (screw one eyelet into each Wooden Dowel)

1-2 Washers or Nuts (stainless steel to avoid rust)

1 Length Cotton String 110 Inches (put washers or nuts on long string for weight)

1 Length Cotton String 50 inches

Tie one end of the Long String on to a screw eyelet, repeat with other string end/screw eyelet

Repeat with Short String


Dip String into Solution Bucket 

Raise Slowly into upright position 

Slowly Spread the Dowels apart and walk backward, closing carefully after the bubble inflates !

REPEAT !!!!!